How to Clean Glass & Mirrors

Cleaning glass tables or bathroom mirrors doesn't have to be a hassle. It’s easier than you think. We have a tip also for eliminating those streaks and smudges.

Supplies Needed - 1 bucket, Dawn soap, 1 scouring pad or sponge, & 2 towels

  1. Put a gallon of water into your bucket. Depending on how many mirrors or glass tables you need to clean.

  2. Put 2 drops of dawn soap in your bucket of water. Just 2 drops because dawn soap is strong and goes a long way.

  3. Use your Scotch Brite scouring pad or sponge and get it wet with the soap and water that you have and start scrubbing your mirrors or glass tables.

  4. When you think it is clean you can start to use your 2 towels. There are 2 towels to help avoid the streaking. Use your #1 towel first to dry the complete surface. The purpose is to pick up most of the water with the first towel. The first towel is going pick up all the dirt and grime and also get moist and damp from all the water that was used on the surface. With all the dirt, grime and water gone your mirror or glass tables will still be a little moist. This is when you go back over it again with the second towel until the whole surface is dry. Repeat with your #2 towel until you get the desired result. You'll see that no streaks or smudges were left behind because you had 2 towels.