Arizona Cleaning provides a complete cleaning system for your your house beyond what any other house cleaning company or maid service in the area provides. We are not intimidated by your kitchen. Let us help you keep it looking its best!Ready to have a gorgeously clean kitchen? Contact Arizona Cleaners today to get started!

The services we provide include deep cleaning for occupied homes:
One Time Cleans, Regular Service (upon request) - Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

  • Damp Wipe Cabinet Door Exteriors:
    • Please note we WILL NOT open cabinets to clean inside of them, and we WILL NOT clean on top of the cabinets. We will only clean the front of the cabinet doors. We also do not scrub the cabinets to prevent creating dullness on the wood.
  • Outside of Appliances: The Arizona Cleaning team will be happy to clean the outside of the appliances such as: top and front of the stove, front of dishwasher, top and outside of refrigerator as long it does not have more the 9 magnets on it. We will also clean outside of small appliances like toaster oven, blender, can opener, coffee pot, toaster, please remember these task includes only the OUTSIDE CLEANING.
  • Inside of Microwave: Arizona cleaning will be happy to clean inside of the microwave every time so you have a clean and healthy appliance to warm up your meals.
  • Kitchen Counters: Our team will be pleased to clean counter tops and move small items as long there are no more than 9 items on a section.
  • Kitchen Sinks: We will clean sinks and faucets and work on the hard water mineral deposits around the faucet; we will also spray disinfectant inside the drain for a neutral smell coming out of the drain in the sink.
  • Arcadia Doors: We will clean the arcadia door for you to have a clear view to the patio, please note this task only includes the cleaning of the sliding door NOT the sliding door and window next to it.
  • Kitchen Floors: We will vacuum kitchen floors and clean it by hand.