Eliminate Funky Microwave Odors in 3 Easy Steps!

How To Clean Your Microwave & Eliminate Those Funky Microwave Odors

Step 1 Mix lemon with water

  • Use a microwaveable container

  • Put 1 ¼ cups of water into the container

  • Cut one lemon and squeeze the juice from both halves into the water

Step 2 Microwave

  • Place the container into the microwave

  • Use maximum power for 5-10 minutes (some microwaves allow you to adjust the power. Use the maximum power)

  • Allow the steam to condense on the walls and the roof of the microwave. It will soften the hardest & crustiest of foods.

Step 3 Wipe-out

• Once the time is up use a soft dish cloth to wipe out the inside with ease.

Your microwave will be clean and smelling lemony fresh, eliminating those unwanted odors.