"Going Green" and cleaning without chemicals doesn't have to be a difficult task. Simple things can make a difference. 

The most important goal for Arizona Cleaning is to bring the healthiest and best quality cleaning services inside your home to create a healthy environment where you can breathe cleaner air. Arizona Cleaning is the Green Cleaning Company in Phoenix that residents prefer to clean their houses.

Your Health, Safety & the Environment Are Our Top Priorities. Read below for more information on this very important topic:

What is a Green Cleaning Product?

A sustainable cleaning product is one that performs and has a reduced effect on environmental and human health when compared with competing cleaning products that serve the same purpose.

What is EPA DFE?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment (DfE) program seeks to promote the use of institutional cleaners and maintenance products with improved environmental and human health characteristics.

Cleaning product that Work Effectively without Ingredients That Are:

Harmful to humans such as:

  • Carcinogens

  • Nervous System Toxins

  • Endocrine Disrupters

  • Reproductive Toxins

Harmful to the environment, such as:

  • Phosphates

  • Petroleum Distillates

  • Heavy Metals

  • Aquatic Toxins

Here is what Arizona Cleaning is doing to maintain a more sustainable environment:

Transportation, travel and scheduling: 

  • Most estimates of services are done over the phone to reduce carbon emissions from traveling and conserve gasoline

  • Appointments are scheduled according to zones

  • Every customer is reminded for their cleaning service one day before the service date to avoid last minute cancellations

  • Promote public transportation and carpooling when possible

Product and equipment:

  • Use of concentrated formulas and economical to use

  • Use of environmentally preferred products that performs and has a reduced effect on environmental and human health when compared with competing cleaning products that serve the same purpose. Products that are strict adherence to regulatory requirements - EPA, OSHA, and industry standards

  • Use of cleaning solutions that are cold water effective or energy saving. These cleaning solutions are formulated to operate effectively with cold water instead warm water

  • Rinse containers and properly discard solutions according to the ecological and disposal considerations described on the MSDS sheets of every product.

  • Use HEPA vacuums that capture 99% of particles and pollutants you breathe.

  • Use reusable buckets and refillable spray bottles and properly labeled to meet OSHA regulations

Training of employees:

  • Provides thorough training on usage of products and equipment that meet all EPA and OSHA regulation

  • Extensive initial training with focus on quality, consistency, proper use of products, equipment, and safety regulations

  • Offer extensive ongoing training to maintain quality of service

  • Recyclable items are placed in blue recycle can.

At the Office

  • Use of phone for service reminders and follow up

  • Store internal information electronically

  • Print documents only when necessary

Arizona Cleaning Cares about our Environment.