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Crime-Free Guarantee

Arizona Cleaning values clients and the protection of their property.

All of our employees are guaranteed to be crime free for your protection.

Every employee has met all of the stringent qualifications required by our private investigators, which, as a minimum, include the following:

Our investigators research and report on actual court records regarding an applicant regarding the above listed criteria. We are not responsible for court records or documents that are missing, misplaced, lost, imprecise, vague, purged, deleted, erased, removed, sealed, expunged, inaccurate, unavailable, inaccessible, incorrectly input into the Court system by the Court, or Court clerk error of any kind.

Some States have requirements that prohibit its Courts from maintaining criminal records for more than 7 years past the conviction date; some States simply fail to do so. Some States have prohibitions from reporting of court records or other adverse information that antedate the convictions/deferments by 7 years of the report. Federal law prohibits reporting of adverse, non-conviction information for 7 years antedate to the report.

We reserve the right to a case by case review of any application and investigation to determine whether or not to issue a guarantee.  We do not discriminate based on Race, Color, Ethnic Origin, Religion, Age, Gender, Familial Status or Disability/Handicap.

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