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About Arizona Cleaning

Once you've had it, it's hard to imagine life without housekeeping services.

We are Arizona Cleaning, your residential cleaning experts with the motto: “The Right Choice For A Clean And Healthy Home”. Our mission is to deliver a cleaner and healthier home for you and your loved ones. We offer regular scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning and maid services upon request. We also offer one-time cleaning services, move-in & move-out cleanings and we service the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Anthem and Paradise Valley, AZ areas.

We have been cleaning homes in the Valley since 2003. The experience we have gained has enabled us to create a unique service for our clients. These services go beyond the surface cleaning that most consider is sufficient for maintaining a clean, healthy home. Arizona Cleaning was created to meet and exceed customer expectation, especially the demands of busy working people. 

Much thought goes into everything we do, such as the decision to use the specific biodegradable cleaning products that provide the best possible cleaning and long-term health benefits to our clients. We also conduct extensive research regarding best safety practices and preventative routines for minimizing the possibility for any damage during the service visit. Our cleaning systems are highly efficient. Combine our experience with our cleaning product choices and you have a cleaning team that delivers the healthiest home you and your loved ones deserve.

We understand what clean is.  That’s why we provide a thorough and deep cleaning system every time we are in your home. We do not surface clean. Every house cleaner on our team has been trained on how to properly and efficiently clean to provide a safe, detailed, sanitary result every time. 

We always appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients:

"You know in the past I had one person to clean my home. I always felt that I needed to keep cleaning after that person was finished and gone. Your team does a great job and everything feels, looks and smells so good. I don’t need to clean after your team leaves, I just go relax or go shopping."

It is rewarding to know that our services help our clients feel more comfortable in their own homes. It is a great point of pride to know the attention to detail that our teams practice on a daily basis truly helps our clients.

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